Monday, 10 August 2009

The Haul of London

On Thursday I went up to London to visit the British Museum to see the Garden and Cosmos exhibition at the British Museum. It's a collection of paintings from India that were displayed in the royal courts between the 17th and 19th century. The paintings were absolutely beautiful, amazingly detailed and very very colourful! The exhibition runs till the 11th October 2009 and I highly recommend a visit!

Plus the British Museum is close to Oxford Street - which coincidentally has a MAC pro store very close.

I was very impressed with myself for buying not a lot! Of course, I would have bought more - but I tend to get overwhelmed in Oxford Street and end up running frazzled to Oxford Circus (whilst dodging the buses) to escape. But I braved the summer holiday madness and went to the MAC store to get my 15 pan pro palette I have been wanting forever... I bought it and went to Starbucks (the one that is miles away from MAC) and had a mango and passion fruit frappacino (YUM), and discovered they had given me the blush palette rather than the eyeshadow one! Sooo I walked all the way back, and exchanged it, and then went loopy and bought Silver Ring and a 239. That wasn't the plan! But Silver Ring is very pretty.

On the way back I noticed a Superdrug and found a Sleek 'Storm' palette! We don't have them 'down south' in my local Superdrug so I grabbed the last one.

It is beautiful. Smokey colours are my favourite and the shadows are very very pigmented. They are mostly shimmery with a matte light brown, dark brown and black. I think this could possibly be all you'd need in the eyeshadow department if you were that way inclined... which I'm not. But in all honesty, you can create both daytime and nightime looks with just this one palette. For £4.50! Fabulous.

Finally, I'm starting to become hooked on River Island. They're prices are excellent and a lot of there stuff is quite original. I went into Topshop on Oxford Street and felt old. I love there stuff too, but sometimes I end up looking 12 and very... Topshop-esque. I digress. I bought these chocolate coloured furry slippers :) They're so comfy and I adore the ribbon, diamante and stud detailing!

I want to go back to London already. It is by far the most amazing city on earth. I only live an hour away, why do I complain?

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